KWD Crafts a Fashionable Retreat in Half Moon Bay


For the Craftsmen style estate owned by an active young couple, Kristi Will found her design inspiration in the wife’s love of color, butterflies, and Hermès scarves.  Featured in Modern Luxury Interiors, the three-story house sits on 140-acres in Half Moon Bay. The residence showcases expansive views of golden hills and verdant forests. Nearby a repurposed barn hosts events and fundraisers.  Kristi and her team collaborated with contractor Bryan Falvey for the extensive remodel.  Utilizing a warm color palette throughout the public rooms, the designers grounded the living room with Alexander McQueen's silk rug Monarch Fire while artist Jocelyn Marsh’s Infinite Butterflies box beckons from the open dining room.  Ascending the bronze stairwell to the bedrooms, KWD lined the walls with framed Hermès scarves.